A Resource for Virginia History Teachers

Use Google Maps and Google Earth to Make Your Lessons "Pop" with Excitement!


Although multiple resources exist on the internet for Virginia History, often they usually give either generic background information, SOL test practice questions, or items such as PowerPoints which often are no more than information simply written on slides. This wiki strives to not only provide resources that will not only assist in preparing students for higher order thinking skills, but also will help you, the teacher, learn how to incorporate Google Maps and Google Earth into your lessons. Thus, the information is in no way intended to be a stand alone lesson plan, but rather, a supplement to lessons that you have already prepared to present to your students.
I also have intended for this to be a wiki which provides a mini professional development to learn how Google Maps/Earth can do as an instructional technology resource. The videos are explained in the instructions below which will walk you through the process in not only how to use Google Maps, but also are included on the Lesson Resource page where maps have already been prepared for you to use with the SOLs. This will be explained on the Before Proceeding page.
If you need to refer to the Virginia History Framework, I have included a link to it here:

What are the Objectives for this Wiki?

  • The teacher will use higher order thinking skills of Bloom's Taxonomy by learning how to use a Google Map for Virginia History Lessons
  • The teacher will learn how to convert a Google Map to a Google Earth activity
  • The teacher will be provided suggestions and resources in each Google Map for use by Virginia History teachers

How do I use this Wiki?

Before using resources for your classroom, read the instructions on the Before Proceeding Page. This will give you an overview of what to expect before planning your lessons. Afterwards, see the Google Map page on how to maneuver through Google Maps and your lesson suggestions. The Google Earth page will give you an overview of how Google Earth will add a 3-D effect to your lessons and a video will be provided on how to convert. The Lesson Resources page include suggested activities, while the Evaluation page is for feedback and more information about the author is found in For Further Information.

Have fun as you open the gate to the world of Google Maps and Google Earth!